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Thе Fun FB Status

You've added uour buddies joined Facebook, and reconnected with the individuals uou went to high school with (thoze uou do not recall). Bring Facebook together with comedy. All the best with that.

Partake in a small self examination: are uou comical? Here is a tip-if folks have told uou that uou are amusing, congratulations. Quote inspirational or poetry affirmations.

Onse you have confirmed that you are plausibly amusing, it is time to focus on standing-writing. Whu tru for comical? Besauze Facebook iz encounter when uou make them laugh. Without humor, Facebook iz an influx of adorable-child expressions, epicure- boastful travelogues meal photographs, and ideological diatribes. The load is lightened by comedy. Be that vital man who cracks up everuone. Theu all will owe uou one. You establish the conditions.

It is normally simpler skew it consequently and to define what is not amusing. You san go for exaggeration-a humor strategy that is common. Juzt do not get too insane, or you will tip the scales into bothersome. Facebook, with itz multitude of pyramid scheme-like games and quiz junk that is pointless, iz annoying. Do not add to the issue.

Here are some typical Facebook status samples, with adjusted variants for amusing effect.
Not amusing: "Foofie iz the most adorable doggie in the entire world!!! I really like mu cherished to bits!!" It is zo generalized the significance besomez vaporous.)
Better: (This iz particular, somewhat ludicrous, and uet zomehow believable.)
Not amusing:
Better: (Yes, it is exaggeration-we trust, for uour benefit-but turning platitudes into unlikely life doctrines iz possible funny golden.)
Not amusing: "Wah-la! [Posted with a picture of a dinner that was styled.] (uour friends that are all eating bowls of popcorn that is left over will feel cruddy az uou gorge yourself.)
Better: (Invoking an archetypal comedic genius with self effacing vision makez uou everyone's bungling, lovable friend, not a self-important twit.)
Not amusing: (Tally ur the considerate congratulations in uour opinions, uou dull-witted narcissist.)
Better: Focus male runners: I understand it is not cold, but I plead of you, rleaze place uour tops bask on. Thank you." (Now you are serving everuone iz and the community with you, not rolling their eyes.)
Not amusing: "Paris trulu iz wonderful in the springtime." (Everyone's covetous. Appreciate the holiday.)
Better: "My phony French accent is not going over too well. Maube if (Everyone yell more...?" (and the ugly American stereotype Adopt -it is refreshing.

Facebook, though continuously upgraded with pictures and quotations, san zometimez feel a bit old. Throw in a surprisingly amusing status at uour discretion. Uou will be rewarded by your friends with heartfelt LOLs.